Wills and Inheritance Tax Planning

Making a Will is one of those things nobody likes to think about but without one you may leave your relatives in confusion about who you really wanted to benefit from your property, savings or investments and personal items.

One of our professional Will specialists will go through with you what assets you have, who you wish to leave them to and consider also how your circumstances may change in the future as well as potential tax implications.

You can ensure that your assets will go to the people that you choose. You can include gifts of specific items that you wish to keep in the family, or gifts to friends and donations to favourite charities.

There are times when making a Will or revising it becomes more important, such as if you are getting married, starting a family or buying a house.  We can advise you on the best way to protect your interests and those of your family.

If you have young children, you can appoint guardians to look after them, and Trustees to look after their property while they are young.

If you do not have any suitable persons to act as the Executors of your Will, then you can appoint the Partners in Parry Law to look after things for you.

We will prepare your Will so that it can be easily read and your wishes clearly understood. We will also store your Will for you free of charge and supply you with a copy to keep with your personal papers.

Please click here to view our factsheet “10 Good Reasons to Make a Will”

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