Using our sensitive and experienced approach we will assist you in working out the best arrangement for your children arising from divorce or separation including with whom they should live and how often they should see the other parent.

We can advise on the law in relation to Parental Responsibility, namely all rights and responsibilities involved in raising a child.

We also have expertise in the emotive area of international and domestic relocation cases, in other words when one parent seeks to move to another country or within the UK.

If however you are unable to reach an agreement in respect of arrangements for the children, then the Children Act 1989 provides a procedure for dealing with such disputes and we will assist you throughout the Court process.

Parry Law can also advise on grandparents and non-parents’ rights.

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Cafcass My Family’s Changing leaflet

We use the Cafcass ‘My Family’s Changing’ leaflets to help and support children whose parents are divorcing or separating.

Click the images to open the pdfs:

For Younger ChildrenCafcass - younger
For Older ChildrenCafcass - older

We Need To Talk: Top tips to keep kids’ best interests first during divorce or separation

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