Cohabitation Agreements and Disputes

This is a written agreement setting out the basis upon which two people will be “living together”. It is designed to regulate financial and other arrangements during the period in which they live or cohabit together. Whereas in a marriage the law can make adjustments to the strict legal ownership of, say, property in order to facilitate an equitable settlement, in a cohabitee situation this is not always the case. The law can only determine the strict rights of each individual – ordinarily there is no scope for adjustment of those rights.

If you are intending to or already live together you should consider entering into a written agreement and our team of Family Law solicitors can help you to draw up a cohabitation agreement, outlining exactly who owns what and how.

If you do not have such an agreement and are separating then we at Parry Law are able to offer you expert legal advice in order to assist you in determining your entitlement in property or other assets as this can be a complex area of law.


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